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Key Description Table Conversion from LDD to C3D

LDD_Convert is a low cost utility from the Stringer  Suite to help convert your existing Key Description Table to the Civil 3D equivalent, which is Key Description Table, using point styles and label styles to control the way points are displayed in Civil 3D.

The file LDDKEY_CONVERT.DVB must be placed in the civil3d 2008 folder as the loading program looks at the registry entry for the installation folder of Civil3D 2008. Use APPLOAD to load the LDD_convert.lsp file, then run the command LDD_CONVERT at the command line of Civil3D.

The program creates a new Point Style for every Key. This point style will hold the symbol, if necessary, and the layer information for the point display and the label display. The symbol point layer name is taken from the LDD KDF. The label layer is created using the symbol layer and then having _PT appended to it. For example, a Power Pole symbol which is to be displayed on layer EL_PP would have its label layer set as EL_PP_PT. This allows substantial control over the display properties for information, using layers. There are other ways to manipulate the visibility of data, but this is the simplest introduction to using point style and labels.

Symbols (AutoCAD blocks) must  already exist in the drawing file. Layers will be created if necessary but it is better to use an existing LDD template file so your layer colors and linetypes are retained. I would recommend using an exising LDD template file, with all of the symbols in the file. Again, there are others ways to do this, but this is the simplest method and can be easily altered later when you gain more experience.

Key Benefits

Saves on the laborious creation of individual Key Descriptions
Automatically creates point styles (with associated symbol if applicable)
Assigns layers to all new point symbols

Pricing - Please send an enquiry by email

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