Stringer - Survey Solutions for Civil3d and BricsCAD

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Not just Joining the Dots

 The Stringer  Suite of programmes will facilitate the reduction and presentation of survey observations into the CAD environment. From StringerConnect, a low cost utility for reduction of survey observations, to Stringer  for Civil3d and BricsCAD, we have every avenue covered. 

Our Mission

To allow survey companies to focus on surveying, removing the tedium of learning the intricacies of high powered cad systems, without removing the power behind them. The lead programmer, Jon Rasmussen, is a surveyor with 20 years field and computer experience.

The Benefits

Using Stringer allows you to do your breakline processing inside Civil 3D, no matter how the data is obtained: GPS or Total Station. You can add breakline parameters graphically and see the results immediately: breaklines and surfaces are dynamically updated when codes are editted. There are powerful tools for reordering points for when shots are taken out of order. You can assign templates for kerbing, creating 3d polylines or featurelines. Check out Stringer Options

New Version of Stringer Connect

Now has Export to CSV or Excel from Raw Data, Reduced Coords, and the Error Report Screen

Now also Correlates multiple shots to stations (including Face 2)

Go to the Stringer Connect Page to Read more and Download

Some Keyword Solutions

Dynamic Stringing
Survey Data Reduction
Join 3d polyline
Create Cadastral Styles
Reorder Point Numbers
Export/Import Layers
Offset 3d Polyline (with templates)
Routines for general Autocad editting
Point Group Commands
Convert to C3D Points
Convert LDD Key File
Compass Rule on Poly
Edit Point Code and Level
Export All Blocks
Export to Fault File
3D String from 2D

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