Stringer - Survey Solutions for Civil3d



All those little extras that you wish were part of Autocad.

Especially useful to Cadastral Surveyors who wish to create Cadastral plans. Linetype and text creation is automated by creating tables of commonly used line style (setting layer, colour, and linetype), text styles (setting layer, colour, height, and font), and text content.

Creating a new Line Type is as easy as selecting a sample object which contains the settings you wish to emulate:

This menu is displaying the settings for a Subject Line. As can be seen, this line will be placed on layer BD_SUBJECT, colour will be forced to Blue even though the layer colour is also Blue.


Creating a new Text Type is just as easy: select a sample piece of text which was created using the settings you wish to emulate:

This menu is displaying the settings for Text Type LOTNUM, which is for Subject Lot Numbers. This Text Type will be created on layer TX_LOTNUMBERS, using the style Standard (which will be created with font Survdist). Its plotted height will be 5units and it will be forced to colour Blue.

A Listing of the other Utilities:

ADD Sum text strings of REAL numbers and altered selected text with result (optional)
ADJ  Create Adjoining Lines by Selecting Common Boundary
ADPI  Add 180 degrees to Angle Text
AP  Area Polygon Creation
AR  Calculate and Write Area Text Point to Point or by Closed Polyline
AT  Align Text with another object, either line or polyline segment
BAJ  Perform Bowditch Adjustment on Polyline of Traverse, based on the LDD points
BB  Expand Bearings with Spaces
BLLIST  Export Block names to a text file called BLOCKS.LST in the current drawing directory
BRD  Bearing and Distance Text Creation
CC  Switch Last Entity Text Case Upper to Lower and Lower to Upper
CHF  Chamfer Command including Arc Boundaries
CHLN  Change an existing Line by selecting Line with desired  settings
CIRSZ  Change Circle Sizes
COUNT  Create Selection Set based on Filters User  Previous to access selection set created
COUNT   Create Selection set with Filter
CTR  Circle Trim, for removing segments of lines inside the boundary corner circles.
CVT   Calculate and write  Curve Text
DELP   Delete AEC Points using an existing Polyline as the selection window (by Crossing)
DLAY   Delete all Objects on Layer of selected Object
DR   Draw by Orthometric +
DRG  Draw a gate, replacing the line selected
DRGRID   Draw a Grid on Current Layer
DTXT   Create Text by selecting desired Style from Style Menu File TEXTSTYL.DAT in TEXTSTYL folder contains setup information
DUPAEC  Scan for, and erase, duplicate AEC Points that are
DUPBL  Scan for, and erase, duplicate blocks
EC   Erase Objects based on Filter
EXTN  Extend Line, but create a new Line for the extra length
FACEC   Convert 3d Faces to Polylines.
FORCE   Force the COLOUR of selected Objects to the Layer Colour that they are on
FT   Convert Feet and Inches to metres
FTXT   Select Commonly used text strings from the menu and write them in the style selected. File TEXTCONT.DAT in TEXTSTYL folder contains Text Strings
FXR   Rectify skewed rectangles
HD   Horizontal Distance
IB  for importing Block Attributes between Title Blocks
INCR   Sets up for auto incrementing Asks for text style
IPEX   Create Ipex lines by selecting an ARC or the linework leading to the truncation.
JC   Justify Text Centre
JL   Justify Text Left
JM   Justify Text Middle
JR   Justify Text Right
LAC   Set Layer Colour by picking an Object on the Layer
LAC   Set Layer Colour by selecting Object on Layer and entering the desired colour
LALT   Set Layer Linetype by picking an Object on the Layer
LAY   Layer manipulation menu
LAYLIST   Export Layer names to a text file called LAYER.LST in the current drawing directory
LD  Offers Line Style Menu, then initiates the Line command"
LEN2PT  Displays the distance to a point on the selected polyline from the start
LISTXD  List all Extended Data attached to  the selected Object (if any)
LN  Offers Line Style Menu, then allows entry of  Bearings and Distances for the linework. File LINESTYL.DAT in LINESTYL folder contains setup information Allows for entry in Metres, Links, or Feet"
LNPEGS  Line peg table
LOF  Turn of Layer of Object selected
LST  Simplification of List Lists brg, dst, and layer of polyline sub sections
LSTTRAV   Tabulates the segments of the selected polyline as bearing and distance MTRIM 
OFC  Offset an Object and place new Object onto CURRENT layer
PJ  Join all Lines on the same layer into a single polyline
PLD  Offers Line Style Menu then initiates the Polyline command File LINESTYL.DAT in LINESTYL folder contains setup information
Q  QIKPIK Multi talented programme for setting/selecting options based on selected entiity
RADIATE  Create AEC points by entering RAW Survey observations, creating AEC Points
RDL  Draw Radials for Cadastral Plans
RE  Draws a paralelagram from a 2 sided polygon
REB  Draws a rectangle based on the centreline selected
RECT  Draw a Rectangle
REPCARLSON  Replace Carlson Attributed Point with AEC point
REPPOINT  Replace Attributed Point Block with an AEC point. Attributes are  DESC, POINT, ELEV
RESC  Rescale selected Blocks
ROB  Change Rotation of Blocks
ROB  Rotate Blocks by Adding an entered amount
ROBS  Rotate Blocks TO a forced angle
RSC  Rescale. Set scale factor, then select objects, base pt. Saves continually typing in scale
RT  Reference Table Creation
SAME  Make selected objects the same as a datum object, including Layer, linetype, and colour
SCATRD  Read ASCII file (as per scat) of dummy,x,y,0,descr. Places Point at coord x,y and writes description
SCATTBL  Read ASCII file (as per scat) of dummy,x,y,0,descr. Tabulates coords with description
SD  Slide Objects along the direction of a selected Object
SD  Slide. Select Datum line to use for moving selected objects parallel to the datum line.
SETPL  Fix Polylines for continuous linetype
SETSC  Set the current scale. Sets the DIMSCALE variable
SHREP   Shape Replace Replace selected entity with a new block entity
SHTL   Short Line Table
SL   Set Line Style
SSC   Create Select Set based on Selected Polyline by CROSSING. Use Previous to use selection set
SSW   Create Select Set based on Selected Polyline by WINDOW. Use Previous to use selection set
ST  Set Text Properties. After selecting a piece of text which defines the style and height of the text you want, you then select an object for its alignment, then enter your text
SU  Select a line or polyline segment, then enter the desired azimuth of that line to set a UCS
SWCOL  Changes the Colour (Bylayer or Forced) of Objects to a different Colour, either ByLayer or forced. For amending supplied information to suit your own In House colour scheme,"
TC  Menu of Text Editing Routines. Select Text first, then decide what you wish to do to it
TJ   Text join. Select base text then other text to append
TPC   Place TP Circles for Cadastral Plans
TRAV   Traverse Table Creation
TREX  Automated Trim and Extend programme, for when a supplied drawing has linework that does not precisely intercept the boundary linework,"
TRIBOUND   Create a Boundary around the 3d faces representing a Terrain Use PJ (polyjoin) to finish
TROUT   Create KEAYS TR file of points
TRSET   Set tolerances for TREX
TRUN  Truncation Routine, placing chords around an ARC boundary
TSW  Text swap,
TV  Set value of selected text to same as base text
TXT   Select Commonly used text strings from the menu and write them in the style selected. Text Strings are in the file TEXTCONT.DAT in the TEXTSTYL folder
UC  User Coordinate System
VAL  Set PLAN rotation based on LINE Resets to centre of screen and current zoom
W3DCO  Write 3d Coordinates of selected point
WCO  Write Coordinate of selected point.
XB   Export Block Attributes. Use in  conjunction with IB to reimport attributes
XRAD  Export Radiations to external text file. Just Uses snap modes, not AEC points