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The primary premise of Stringer  is to take the newly created survey points within Civil3d and join them together based on the point codes, much like the field book import of the Survey database. However, the benefits of Stringer are numerous:

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Key Benefits

Dynamic editing of codes: change a string code and the line work and DTM update
Tools for reordering of field points for when the shots were not taken sequentially
Multiple codes for a point (for when the Edge of Bitumen meets a Edge of Concrete)
Templates for creation of additional linework such as for Kerbing. Can also be applied manually to 2d or 3d linework
Point Group commands for point comparisons (great for field checks), rotation, scaling, or moving
TRAVERSE EDITOR - Includes Bowditch adjustment and the ability to adjust open ended traverses by picking the point you want. A scale factor button has been added along with the columns being rearranged
A swag of utilities for Cadastral Surveyors and general manipulation - Click here to see the list


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A Taste of Some of the commands in Stringer